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  1. Complete filtered L_\infty-algebras and their homotopy theory

    Submitted for publication (2022)
    arXiv preprint    47 pages

  2. Which homotopy algebras come from transfer?  with Martin Markl

    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society vol. 150 (2022) 975–990
    arXiv preprint    15 pages

  3. An explicit model for the homotopy theory for finite type Lie n-algebras

    Algebraic and Geometric Topology vol. 20 (2020) 1371-1429
    arXiv preprint    59 pages

  4. On the homotopy theory for Lie \infty-groupoids, with an application to integrating L_\infty-algebras  with Chenchang Zhu

    Algebraic and Geometric Topology vol. 20 (2020) 1127-1219
    arXiv preprint    93 pages

  5. The cohomology of the full directed graph complex  with Vasily Dolgushev

    Algebras and Representation Theory vol. 23 (2020) 917-961
    arXiv preprint    45 pages

  6. Homotopical properties of the simplicial Maurer–Cartan functor

    In MATRIX Annals, MATRIX Book Series 1
    D. Wood, J. de Gier, C. Praeger, T. Tao (Eds.) Springer Berlin 2018
    arXiv preprint    12 pages

  7. On an enhancement of the category of shifted L_\infty-algebras  with Vasily Dolgushev

    Applied Categorical Structures vol. 25 (2017) 489-503
    arXiv preprint    15 pages

  8. Homotopy moment maps  with Martin Callies, Yaël Frégier and Marco Zambon

    Advances in Mathematics vol. 303 (2016) 954-1043
    arXiv preprint    90 pages

  9. Higher U(1)-gerbe connections in geometric prequantization  with Domenico Fiorenza, and Urs Schreiber

    Reviews in Mathematical Physics vol. 28 (2016) 1650012-1-1650012-72
    arXiv preprint    73 pages

  10. Kontsevich’s graph complex, \mathrm{GRT}, and the deformation complex of the sheaf of polyvector fields   with Vasily Dolgushev and Thomas Willwacher

    Annals of Mathematics vol. 182 (2015) 855-943
    arXiv preprint    89 pages

  11. What do homotopy algebras form?  with Vasily Dolgushev and Alex Hoffnung

    Advances in Mathematics vol. 274 (2015) 562-605
    arXiv preprint    44 pages

  12. A version of the Goldman-Millson Theorem for filtered L_{\infty}-algebras  with Vasily Dolgushev

    Journal of Algebra vol. 430 (2015) 260-302
    arXiv preprint    43 pages

  13. L_{\infty}-algebras of local observables from higher prequantum bundles  with Domenico Fiorenza and Urs Schreiber

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    arXiv preprint    36 pages

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  15. A higher Chern-Weil derivation of AKSZ sigma-models  with Domenico Fiorenza and Urs Schreiber

    International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics vol. 10 (2013) 1250078-1-1250078-36
    arXiv preprint    37 pages

  16. Notes on algebraic operads, graph complexes, and Willwacher’s construction  with Vasily Dolgushev

    Contemporary Mathematics vol. 583 (2012) 25-146
    arXiv preprint    122 pages

  17. L_{\infty}-algebras from multisymplectic geometry

    Letters in Mathematical Physics vol. 100 (2012) 29-50
    arXiv preprint    22 pages

  18. Categorified symplectic geometry and the string Lie 2-algebra  with John Baez

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    arXiv preprint    16 pages

  19. Categorified symplectic geometry and the classical string  with John Baez and Alex Hoffnung

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    arXiv preprint    25 pages

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